October 13—Norway

  • Pray for new partners and churches to support DPM outreaches in Norway, Sweden and other parts of the world.
  • Pray for the two youth groups connected to DPM–Norway to expand and reach out to more young people.


October 14—Switzerland

  • Pray for the Lord’s direction and provision for continued ministry in this region.
  • Pray for the right contacts and supporters to help carry the work forward.


October 15—France

  • The Derek Prince Video Bible School material, including the Study Guide, is very successful, with over 70 sold to date! Pray this video teaching will be greatly used in churches, house groups, etc.
  • Pray for: increased finances, regular donors, skilled workers for the website, social network, etc. and God’s clear direction for the future of DPM here.


October 16—Germany/Italy

  • Contact was made with several groups in Italy to work with them to reach that nation. DPM–Germany’s website now has a link to the work in Italy and Derek's Teaching Letters are now being translated into Italian and available on the website.
  • Pray for the staff to have the Lord’s anointing and inspiration for all their communications and publications work.


October 17—United Kingdom

  • Recently, a former inmate wrote, wanting to know how to receive salvation. He was given the Self-Study Bible Course and invited to join the DPM–UK Inside Outreach Prison Programme. Pray for this man and many other prisoners who use Derek's materials to find freedom in Christ and their purpose in life; pray also for the chaplains who teach and help them.



October 18—Canada            

  • Pray for divine connections with churches, ministries and prisons to help expand the ministry of DPM in the areas of most spiritual need in Canada.
  • Pray for more people to connect with DPM in Canada through the Internet and take advantage of the teaching and material available.


October 19—United States

  • Pray for the Lord’s wisdom and direction for college ministry—to take part in the right events and network with the right people to get Derek’s material to these young potential leaders.