March 02, Taking Care of the Temple

Scripture has led me to some practical conclusions regarding my body. I do not seek to impose these on anybody, but I have given a lot of care and prayer to this subject, and I have been prepared to...

March 01, Cooperating with the Spirit

Take the time and effort to distinguish between things that are helpful and things that are harmful. Cooperate with the Holy Spirit.

Prayer Focus 28/02/2021 - 06/03/2021

This Week: Egypt/Persian Gulf, International, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Syria, and Egypt.

February 28, The Importance of Diet

Diet, or daily regimen, is a vital facet of life. Everybody follows a diet, whether he knows it or not. Various methods of dietary management are...

February 27, “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made”

I wonder if we realize that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. When I think of what was involved in God creating my body and providing me with a body, I feel a sense of awe.

February 26, Glorifying God in My Body

There are many ways in which we use our bodies. One primary activity consists of nourishing ourselves—eating and drinking. Paul said that we need to...

February 25, Keep Saying It!

The first time we make this declaration, Satan will laugh at us. We need to keep saying it. Satan is the tempter, but he is very methodical and wastes no time.

February 24, The Ruthless Cross

Some people struggle with fear, depression, loneliness, lust, or anger. A counselor can help us just so far; but in the last resort, the solution is in our hands: the cross.